How To Find A Reliable and Trustworthy Collision Repair Body Shop

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A big collision repair job can be very costly. You not only need the best possible workmanship for the job, but you need to be sure that the work being done is absolutely necessary, and it is done with the best intentions of getting your vehicle back on the road in a timely manner, and safely.

Provincial law, along with insurance regulations in Canada, require that a repair facility provide written estimates, and be accountable for them. They are also obligated to notify the customer of all increases over and above the estimate, if additional problems or complexities are discovered. Customers are also allowed to request that original parts be turned over to the owner when they are replaced.

If you are facing a major restoration job or are in need of collision repair, it is always wise to get a second or even third opinion from another repair shop. There shouldn’t be any large discrepancies between estimates. Go with your gut on which body shop you think is the most trustworthy, reliable, and honest.

If they all seem that way, don’t pick the most expensive, and don’t pick the least expensive. If a quote seems really low, be very careful. Either you’re paying for sub-standard workmanship, cheap parts, or the body shop is being untruthful. Remember, you always get what you pay for.

Technology is beginning to play a role in helping out with collisions. Outer city roads are typically traveled less than inner city roads. In the event that an accident happens on low traffic roads, or in remote locations, and everyone involved are immobilized, use your smart-phone to find a collision repair facility. Actually, first call the police to report the accident, and then find a collision repair facility.

Don’t rely on the tow truck driver to take you to his preferred choice. He gets paid commissions for bringing in wrecked cars. So you aren’t necessarily getting the best auto body shop to do the repairs. Instead, Google “body shop” followed by your city name. Find a list of collision repair shops in your city that’s relatively close to where the accident occurred.

Don’t take too long picking a shop. Pick the first one in Google’s results and call them. Call two or three body shops, and find out what type of service they offer. The body shop that you choose, you want them to be honest, reliable, and efficient. They don’t have to be a preferred supplier for your insurance company.

Some insurance companies will tell you that you have to use one of their preferred vendors, otherwise the repair work won’t be warrantied. Sadly, that’s a myth. The insurance companies don’t warranty the work regardless of where you go. The repair shop is the one that warranties the work. Therefore, take it wherever you want and don’t be bullied by your insurance company.

At the time when you need a collision repair business, you might be a little shaken up from the accident that you were just in. That’s not the ideal time to be looking for someone to repair your vehicle. Google a phrase such as “body shop”, followed by your city name, to find a list of the local repair businesses.

Call two or three places and let them know that you’re looking to create a relationship with one collision repair business. That way, in the unlucky event that you’re involved in an accident, you’ll know exactly who to contact. Make sure that the business you choose is both friendly and clean. They should also be helpful and responsive to your request to meet with them.