Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal

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Dents make your car look tacky. You can be as careful as you like with your own car, yet it takes just one other person to ‘accidentally’ bump into your car and before you know it your car care level decreases with large auto body technician bills not affordable. Well, depending on the size of the dent, a simple affordable technique called paintless dent removal could be a great option to look into.

Repairing dents in your car sooner rather than later is your best approach. Dents get worse without auto body attention ultimately causing your cars value to decrease. Paintless dent removal does not require extensive work therefore the costs and benefits are generally worth it.

There are various techniques that come under the paintless dent removal umbrella. The reason they work is due to the flexibility of paint. As long as the dent is small and there are no sharp corners, the paint simple stretches when dented.

Despite the relative ease of this technique, it is highly advisable you do not become a DIY auto body technician overnight to fix any small dents as the possibility of cracking the paint is high without the right tools.

While a technician may be able to get to work right away, you can go through a check list of your own that will ensure you do not go to the auto body shop without a good chance of paintless dent removal being possible. Checklist:

– Cracks not openly visible in the paint

– There is good distance (5″ minimum) between dents and car edges

– The depth of the crack is fairly shallow

Auto body repair shops will be able to identify quickly as to whether or not they will be able to fix it right away with their techniques. If any of the above three points are clearly not fulfilled, then you can save time and have the auto body work repaired at a more affordable time.

If you do go to the auto body technician, call ahead and let them know you are coming. The process can be completed quickly (ask if they have right equipment) and you will not even need to leave the site to return at a later date with wads of cash.

You may not have herd of dents being repaired in this fashion before. The technique has been used since it was founded by Natalio Balderrama. Originating in Europe, she bought the technique to America in 1983. It has been traditionally used for commercial auto body work but is becoming increasingly popular to fix the dents.

Dents in your car, whether they are big or small, can leave you disheartened especially after you have been so careful to keep your car looking good. However thanks to advances in auto body techniques, it is quite possible to have small dents repaired while you wait with minimal out of pocket cost.